Eyrie Press is an imprint of Bird’s Nest Books.

Eyrie Press publishes commercial/literary fiction, fantasy, sci-fi and crime for adults, YA and older children. As a general rule, Eyrie Press is the arm for books that are edgier than those in the Bird’s Nest Books list.

We aim to reflect the lives of individuals and communities that do not often recognise themselves in books. We have a particular interest in featuring characters involved in alternative education, subtly bringing the concept of an education otherwise than through mainstream schooling to the reader’s consciousness and illustrating the benefits that way of life can bring.

However, our first question is, ‘Is this a great story?’

If you would like to submit a book for our consideration, please follow the guidelines below.

We try to consider submissions as quickly as possible but we are a very small company and your patience is appreciated. If two months have passed without feedback from us, please feel free to enquire by email as to the progression of your submission.

We do not accept poetry or plays and we don’t publish religious or political texts.

What are we looking for?

Even if you have a message to communicate, the story is of paramount importance. We are looking for character driven books that are well written, with a strong plot and entertaining narrative.

Your book does not need to be specifically about alternative education, but the characters’ philosophies and educational backgrounds will inevitably affect their motivations and their viewpoint on the world, and inform their choices.

The same will apply if you are writing about any underrepresented community.


Before you submit

Before you send your manuscript, please consider the following:

  • Is your work as polished as it can be? Have you had it read and critiqued by someone else?
  • Have you had it reviewed for grammar, punctuation and spelling?
  • How can you help reach your audience? Should we publish your book, whilst we will work hard to publicise it, you will need to work with us via such methods as social media, blogs, interviews, public appearances and so on.

How to submit

We accept submissions by email only to info @

In the main body of your email, please give a short introduction to yourself and provide a summary of the work you are submitting. Please also describe the ways in which you could help reach your audience and mention any previous publishing experience.

Then attach the first 3 chapters as a single file, in Word or as a PDF. (We may be able to accept other formats – please ask).

If we are interested we will ask to read the complete manuscript.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!