We’re spreading our wings

We’re spreading our wings

Welcome to our new blog! And what better way to start than by looking ahead.

When Eyrie Press CIC was set up (originally as Bird’s Nest Books), we identified three communities we wanted to benefit *, namely:

  • groups and communities traditionally underrepresented in fiction and non-fiction books;
  • writers and illustrators, particularly new or emerging ones;
  • our local community of Fenland, north Cambridgeshire.

We know from living in north Cambridgeshire that, as an area of rural and social isolation, local opportunities to network with other writers, speak to publishers and take part in workshops and events are few and far between. So we’ve got involved in festivals and projects, organised events and started a short story competition. We’ve had a great time and, judging from the feedback we’ve received, so have those who have taken part!

But Fenland is a very small area and we’re feeling a bit limited. So we have decided to expand our geographical community out to include the whole of Cambridgeshire, plus the counties of Norfolk and Lincolnshire, which border Fenland. All have areas of social and economic isolation so this expansion is very much in keeping with our original aims.

Our reach has always extended out from Fenland anyway. Our Short Story Competition last year was open to people living in those counties. Ross Mountney, our first author, lives in Lincolnshire, and the wonderful Music Man’s Songbook which we published in 2017 was written by Jon Lawrence, who lives in Norfolk. The book is a collection of his original songs for children, which are very popular when he plays them in schools and playgroups in the area. You can hear a couple of them here.

The fab illustrations in ‘The Music Man’s Songbook’

The book was illustrated by Gemma Wells, who was living in Norfolk at the time (although she’s moved to pastures new now). Gemma won our first Short Story Competition in 2016 and also designed our logo. She’s since obtained her Master’s in Children’s Book Illustration this year (graduating with distinction) and is headed for wonderful things – you should really check out her website.

Anyway, I digress! As I said, we’ve always extended our reach anyway, we’re now going to make it official and formally alter our objects to state that we work to benefit the counties of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire.

We plan to start by actively seeking manuscript submissions from these three counties so that we can represent writers from the area, particularly new ones.

If you have any questions or comments, do get in touch. We’re excited to get going and to those of you in the area – get writing!



* One of the criteria of being a CIC (Community Interest Company) is that the company needs to have identified the community/ies which will benefit from its actions. These communities are set out in our objects – our legal framework. If you’re interested, you can read more here.