The Hospital Hoppities supporting children in hospital

The Hospital Hoppities supporting children in hospital

The Hospital Hoppities came into being because author Charlotte Hartley-Jones wanted to write a story for children and families for whom hospital is a place where they spend a lot of time. With first-hand experience of life in the ward (her own son has a chronic condition) she knew how important it was that these families felt seen within children’s literature.

Since its publication on June 30th 2019, we are delighted that the book has been supporting those families as intended!

We are also very happy to announce that, from today, Eyrie Press will be donating £1.00 for each copy of The Hospital Hoppities sold through our website to the Ronald McDonald House Charity, which helps families stay close to their children in hospital by providing free ‘home away from home’ accommodation.

The book was initially launched through a Kickstarter campaign, and we are very grateful to the generous backers who made it a success. Our campaign video tells the story behind the book.

And this video shows the evolution of the beautiful illustrations created by Anjalee Burrows.

You can buy The Hospital Hoppities in paperback or in limited edition hardback. Discounts are available on multiple copies purchased for groups, organisations etc.

And a huge thank you to DMJ-Imagery for the marvellous videos!