Anjalee Burrows

Anjalee Burrows

Anjalee Burrows is a British, digital illustrator currently specialising in children’s literature art and family portraits. Her drawings capture the world around her through an optimistic lens. Her aim is to ignite a passion for art and storytelling in young minds –  the same love for storytelling that has inspired her from a young age. .

In Anjalee’s own words:

Without question, illustration has always been part of my identity, and I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve always had people encouraging me to explore creativity.

Growing up, my mother would often take me to draw dancers at an international folklore festival. As a teen I’d stay up late most nights, illustrating portraits for my  classmates and friends.

Though my illustration skills and style have changed as I’ve grown older, I like to think I’ve not lost the boundless imagination I had as a child. I harness it as much as possible, still approaching my work with the same childlike wonder I’ve always had.