Bird’s Nest Books

Bird’s Nest Books

Eyrie Press began life in 2014 as Bird’s Nest Books. The first title, published in 2015, was Who’s Not In School? by well-respected home educator and blogger Ross Mountney, with illustrations by James Robinson (home educated himself and just 18 at the time). The follow up to this, The Wrong Adventure, was published in 2016, along with Ross’s non-fiction book A Home Education Notebook, which has become a very popular source of support to home educating parents and is often recommended within the community.

We then published The Music Man’s Song Book, a collection of original songs for movement and dance by Jon Lawrence, a writer, musician and teacher who lives in the Norfolk fens. The book is beautifully illustrated by Gemma Wells and comes with a CD of Jon performing the songs himself.

And then…

Frank Penny and the Mystery of Ludlow Hums by Jeremy Elson was the first title published under Eyrie Press, which began as an imprint to Bird’s Nest Books. Soon afterwards, we decided to concentrate mainly on publishing books for adults and young adults, so we officially renamed the company Eyrie Press, retaining Bird’s Nest Books as the imprint.

All the books published by Bird’s Nest Books are still in print and available from our shop, or from alternative retailers if we’re out of stock.