A Home Education Notebook


A Home Education Notebook
by Ross Mountney

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Ross Mountney began writing about home education with The Diary of a Home Educating Nobody, her regular piece in the Education Otherwise newsletter. With the advent of the internet, she created her blog, Ross Mountney’s Notebook, in which she continued to offer words to encourage and comfort both new and established home educators alike.

A Home Education Notebook is a collection of some of her most popular articles and blog posts which have been updated, with new material added, and arranged in 52 chapters so you can be sure to dip in and find inspiration every week of the year.

Ross is also the author of Learning Without School: Home Education, A Funny Kind of Education and Mumhood, as well as her children’s books Who’s Not In School? and The Wrong Adventure.

“This is the most wonderful book for any parents who are either contemplating home education for their children or who already are doing so. Written in a warm and humorous way by a lovely lady who knows what she is talking about.”

“An amazing book cannot recommend it enough.”

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A Home Education Notebook
by Ross Mountney

“I am so thankful to Ross for writing such an insightful, reassuring, informative, uplifting and inspiring book.”

Chapter listing:

  • Introduction
  • Remember How You Got Here!
  • Children Really Want To Learn
  • Does It Matter If You’re Not A Qualified Teacher?
  • Learning Happens From Living – Not Necessarily From Schooling
  • Not-At-Home Education
  • Socialisation, Friendships And One Big Party
  • A Typical Day
  • Science In The Everyday
  • Keeping Records – Or Keeping On Learning?
  • Did We Wobble? You Bet – But Loved It Anyway!
  • We Are Not Alone – The Isolation Myth
  • Reading
  • Help! They’re In Front Of A Screen Too Much
  • Curriculum: National; Natural; Personal; Optional?
  • Plots, Timetables And Giving Children Charge!
  • What About Term Times, Learn Times and Holidays?
  • Dealing With Others’ Responses
  • No Prizes For Getting There First
  • Can Learning Be This Easy?
  • What About Proving It To The LA?
  • Is It Enough That They Don’t Like School?
  • Losing Control!
  • There’s Nothing Wrong With Our Children
  • The Outdoor Miracle
  • Education Is Not Tidy
  • Why Getting It Wrong Is Right
  • Testing? Forget It And Get On With The Learning
  • Thoughtful Mud Pies!
  • All Children Need
  • Subject Snobbery And Why One Is Not Better Than Another
  • Bullying And Education
  • Panicking? Overcome It And Keep A Balanced Perspective
  • Failures, Unteachables And Contrary Thinking
  • Weathering The Topsy Turvy Climate Of Home Ed
  • Do They End Up Weird?
  • Managing Time Off
  • The Value Of Play
  • Exercise For Education’s Sake
  • Some Truths About Home Education—Just To Remind You!
  • Looking After Yourself
  • So, Where Are They Now?
  • Plenty Of Praise Makes Happier Days!
  • Don’t Compare…!
  • Why Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge
  • Why Happiness Is Important
  • Nurturing Curiosity As An Aid To Learning
  • Take Care Of The Now And Let The Future Take Care Of Itself
  • Avoid Packaged And Processed Education
  • You Can’t Buy Education
  • Thinking About Exams
  • Honouring Our Children
  • What Is A Successful Education?
  • A Few Final Tips



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