Between Darkness and Light


Between Darkness and Light
By Roy Peachey

A shape flew towards him, blurred and uncertain, then the terror of anticipation was driven out by pain and horror. Weilian Tell missed the apple. The arrow’s sharp, bright tip pierced his eyeball.

The story of a one-eyed Chinese interpreter with the Chinese Labour Corps in WW1. A novel about blindness, a war novel in which there is no fighting, a post-war novel about the meeting of East and West, and an unconventional love story.

“A compelling and audacious novel”
Martin Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Asia Literary Review

“A tragic epic”
Michel Hockx, Professor of Chinese Literature, University of Notre Dame, USA

“Of all the imaginings of those times, this is a tale that stands out”
T. H. Barrett, Professor Emeritus of East Asian History, SOAS

Pages: 288

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