What’s an eyrie?

An eagle's nest is called an Eyrie

What’s an Eyrie? Glad you asked! Eyrie Press began life as Bird’s Nest Books, publishing children’s books and family non-fiction, but when we decided to move into more ‘grown up’ fiction, we decided we needed a more ‘grown up’ name! To keep our theme of birds’ nests we chose Eyrie Press. An eyrie is the nest of a bird of prey, especially an eagle, built high up – an altogether more serious type of bird’s…

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We’re spreading our wings

We’re spreading our wings Welcome to our new blog! And what better way to start than by looking ahead. When Eyrie Press CIC was set up (originally as Bird’s Nest Books), we identified three communities we wanted to benefit *, namely: groups and communities traditionally underrepresented in fiction and non-fiction books; writers and illustrators, particularly new or emerging ones; our local community of Fenland, north Cambridgeshire. We know from living in north Cambridgeshire that, as…

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