Jeremy Elson

Jeremy Elson

Jeremy Elson

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Jeremy Elson is the author of the Frank Penny series of adventure books for young adults.

Jeremy is a home educating parent himself, and Frank Penny was borne out of his desire to bring to life a home educated child, as well as tell a straightforward and compelling adventure story.

In Jeremy’s own words:

Although I went to school, I found that most of my education went on outside the classroom. Learning things that I was interested in, away from normal lessons, was far more valuable.

Although Excelsus Academy, the school in my books, only takes those with special and specific talents, we must believe that every child is special, and every child deserves the freedom to explore what they like, when they like and for however long they like.

For what is the point of your education if not to set you free?

Frank Penny and the Last Black Stag, book three in the series, is published on 30 November 2020.