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A Home Education Notebook by Ross Mountney

Ross Mountney began writing about home education with The Diary of a Home Educating Nobody, her regular piece in the Education Otherwise newsletter. With the advent of the internet, she created her blog, Ross Mountney’s Notebook, in which she continued to offer words to encourage and comfort both new and established home educators alike.

A Home Education Notebook is a collection of some of her most popular articles and blog posts which have been updated, with new material added, and arranged in 52 chapters so you can be sure to dip in and find inspiration every week of the year.

“I am so thankful to Ross for writing such an insightful, reassuring, informative, uplifting and inspiring book.”

“This is the most wonderful book for any parents who are either contemplating home education for their children or who already are doing so. Written in a warm and humorous way by a lovely lady who knows what she is talking about.”

“An amazing book cannot recommend it enough.”

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Frank Penny and the Mystery of Ludlow Hums by Jeremy Elson

Frank couldn’t be happier. Brought up and home educated on his dad’s farm, he really couldn’t think of anything else he’d rather be doing. So, when he receives an unexpected and highly prized invitation to Excelsus Academy for the Gallant and Gifted, where hand-picked students go to find their hidden talents, he has an important decision to make.

He soon discovers that thinking for yourself can get you into so much more trouble than he could ever have imagined when he finds himself on the trail of an ancient secret, hidden for centuries, that will change his world forever.

“I absolutely loved this book! Truly had me hooked from the first page. Fresh and fascinating.”

“A fantastic and addictive read which has left me eagerly awaiting the next instalment.”

“I am a grown up and I loved it! It is a great story with some excellent threads throughout…There is a great ending twist which sets up for the adventure to continue.”

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Who’s Not In School? by Ross Mountney, illustrated by James Robinson

Tim’s not in school because he’s got the flu. Katy’s not because she has an appointment at the hospital. Little Harry isn’t either, because he learns at home. While he’s learning he has all sorts of adventures … some of which he shouldn’t.

See what a one family’s typical week of home education looks like, and what mischief Harry can get up to in that time!

“Delightful narrative featuring a toddler and his homeschooled siblings.”

“Excellent representation of how little minds get up to all kinds of stuff. Loved the way it represents a busy family learning through life.”

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The Wrong Adventure by Ross Mountney, illustrated by James Robinson

Harry is the adventurous little homeschooler who wants to learn about everything. But he often gets into trouble as his curious investigations end up annoying people. So Harry decides to go off on an adventure of his own where he can’t annoy anybody.

“The book is delightful and full of the innocence of a small boy that is trying to make sense of the world. I love the way Ross Mountney echoes through Harry’s character that learning can take place anywhere…The illustrations are extremely charming too…by a Home Educated young man, James Robinson”

“I think that this is another lovely book demonstrating the positive and flexible aspects of home education.”

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