Meet the team

Jane Spencer – Publisher and Managing Director

Jane has been involved in publishing in various forms for 20 years, starting in technical writing and moving to freelance editing and proofreading. She became a freelance publisher in 2006, working mainly with local community groups and individuals. She also has a strong background in working with not-for-profit groups as consultant, employee and volunteer.

Jane developed a strong interest in alternative educational practices after withdrawing her four children from school in 2001 to educate them at home. In 2010 she and a colleague founded Education Outside School Magazine, a digital publication supporting and encouraging the UK home educating community. In 2014 she founded Bird’s Nest Books with the aim of publishing books featuring home educated characters, and this grew into Eyrie Press in 2018.

Jane is supported by her wonderful co-directors who brainstorm, advise and assist.

David Johnson

David is a local filmmaker, writer and businessman whose support in all capacities is invaluable. You can find him via his company website DMJ-Imagery

John Spencer

John is an avid book reader, skillful wordsmith and enthusiastic user of Excel spreadsheets – characteristics which are enormously valued within Eyrie Press. He’s also Jane’s brother!