Mia Hansson

Mia Hansson holding her replica Bayeux Tapestry

Mia Hannson

Mia Hansson holding her replica Bayeux Tapestry

Mia Hansson is a period seamstress from Sweden, living in Wisbech in the UK. She began creating a full-size replica of the Bayeux Tapestry in 2016 and expects the task to take her about ten years. Mia draws the designs onto the tapestry by hand and then embroiders the design as authentically as possible.

She has appeared in newspapers and magazines and on TV and radio. She has given talks and displayed the tapestry to private groups and at public events, and she even has a mention on the Bayeux Tapestry’s Wikipedia page.

Mia has followers from all over the world, and many of them keep up with her work through her Facebook group, Mia’s Bayeux Tapestry Story. This is where she shares her progress and posts her observations and musings about the tapestry and her embroidery process.

We were delighted to publish Mia’s Bayeux Tapestry Colouring Book, full of Mia’s hand-drawn images. They are ideal not only for colouring but also for use as templates in many craft projects.