Our Kickstarter for the Hospital Hoppities!

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We are very excited to be running our first ever Kickstarter campaign for a new children’s book, The Hospital Hoppities.

The Hospital Hoppities is a book in which our hero, Ollie, bored in hospital one day, discovers the magical rabbits who secretly carry out good deeds throughout the wards.

The book has been written by author Charlotte Hartley-Jones, who has first-hand experience of life in the ward as her own son has a chronic condition.

Charlotte wanted to write a story with a background setting that resonates with children and families for whom hospital is not a scary unknown place, but is rather a place where they spend a lot of time and have to carry on ‘normal’ life within its walls. For families with children with chronic conditions, the community of hospital is important and the story emphasises the different elements of hospital life, while empowering the main character with a helping role, rather than a dependent one.

We were delighted to find first-time illustrator Anjalee Burrows who has thrown her heart and soul into the project to interpret Charlotte’s words beautifully.  The story itself does not go into detail about the paraphernalia of children’s health conditions, but Anjalee’s illustrations depict various pieces of medical equipment, such as central lines, drip stands, heart monitors etc., to normalise them and help children for whom these things are part of daily life feel ‘seen’ within children’s literature.

Why don’t you take a look at the campaign video above to find out more. You can go to the campaign here.

We’d be very grateful if you could help us spread the word by sharing on social media, telling your friends and family, or emailing anyone you think might be interested. Thank you!