Mia’s Bayeux Tapestry Colouring Book


By Mia Hansson

A collection of 63 of Mia’s hand-drawn images from the Bayeux Tapestry, for colouring, or to use as patterns for your own projects. See below for more information.

The book is A4 size. In the paperback version, the images are single-sided (142 pages in total).

If you purchase the digital PDF download, you will receive an email with a link to download your file. This link will work twice (in case you have problems at the first attempt) and will be available for 14 days after purchase.

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Replica Bayeux tapestry being held by seamstress Mia Hansson

Mia Hansson, a period seamstress from Sweden, living in the UK, began creating a full-size replica of the Bayeux Tapestry in 2016. After four years of work, she has completed just over a third of it and expects to be finished in another six years or so.

She has appeared in newspapers and magazines and on TV and radio; she has given talks and displayed the tapestry to private groups and at public events, and she even has a mention on the Bayeux Tapestry’s Wikipedia page.

Mia has followers from all over the world, and many of them keep up with her work through her Facebook group, Mia’s Bayeux Tapestry Story, where she shares her progress and posts her observations and musings about the tapestry and her embroidery process.

Mia drawing her Bayeux tapestry imagesMia draws the designs onto her tapestry by hand, and this book is a collection of her hand-drawn images, for use as a colouring book or as patterns for various crafts, such as embroidery or woodwork.

We launched this book through a Kickstarter run during June 2020, to amazing success! The campaign reached its pledge target within just 90 minutes, and was over 800% backed by the end of the month.


A Bayeux tapestry image from the book

A Bayeux tapestry image from the book







The book is A4 in size, 142 pages in total, with 63 pages of single-sided images, suitable for photocopying to at least A3 size.

Permission is given for individuals to reproduce and use the images in any medium or format for their own non-commercial purposes, such as photocopying for family or small educational group sessions, personal arts and crafts hobbies, or for making gifts. Attribution should be given to the creator, Mia Hansson, and people should communicate to others that they may not then further share the images, or use them for any commercial purpose. Use your imagination and enjoy!

Commercial Use: Use of the images in the book for any commercial purpose will need permission. For permission requests, in the first instance please contact us here at Eyrie Press. Whether your request is for a micro craft business, a not-for-profit organisation, or a larger commercial enterprise, we will be happy to discuss.

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30 Sept 2020