Writing Short Stories

Writing Short Stories

from inspiration to publication

An online course from Eyrie Press

We are very excited to have launched our own online course, Writing Short Stories: from inspiration to publication. This course is for you if you’ve always wanted to have a go at writing short stories, but don’t know where to start, or if you’ve done some writing but feel you need some guidance.

Watch the introductory video below or scroll down for more information.

“A short story is a different thing all together – a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger.”

Stephen King

As well as being a respected genre in its own right, the short story is an excellent crash course in many elements of fiction. At under 5,000 words (and often much less), they can feel more manageable and less overwhelming than writing a novel.

But this course isn’t just aimed at writers seeking publication. Writing can be extremely therapeutic, as a way of working through emotions, or as a welcome escape. If you just want to write with no intention of showing your work to any but your nearest and dearest (and maybe not even them!), then this course is for you too.

The course is a self-study course, delivered on the popular platform teachable.com.

There are six sections:

  • Getting started
  • Character
  • Setting
  • Plot & Structure
  • Editing and Ways of Telling
  • Submitting

Each section uses a mixture of video presentations, exercises and downloadable notes. Since it’s all online, you can work at your own pace, whether that means taking three months or covering it all in a fortnight. It’s up to you!

And it could set you on the road to entering our short story competition!

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The course has been developed, written and delivered especially for Eyrie Press by Megan Taylor and Giselle Leeb, and we are so happy to have them working with us! Both are highly talented and experienced writers who have run many creative writing workshops and courses, including working with Writing School East Midlands.

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This course exists thanks to funding received from the Arts Council England Emergency Response Fund. 90% of the fund comes from the National Lottery, so thank you lottery players!